Essential features of Outlook

With the demise of Hotmail and the arrival of a new interface called, we have a new task to learn the new things that brings. This will be a very significant change and we have to focus well to learn the new features of this email service.

The new mail has functions and many more essential features of outlook that then I will talk a little about them.

features outlook

Outlook Contacts: With this new option, we have at all our contacts on one page to organize our list and synchronize ourselves with the different social networks. In my opinion only serves to explore our contacts and organize well.

Outlook Calendar: This option is only to see the calendar, you may not be useful for some, it seems unnecessary to me, but I managed to notice a detail that go into it, you can mark dates for annotation, such as birthdays. Basically, I was thinking that date, the contact might have an issue, a meeting or Read More…