Essential features of Outlook

With the demise of Hotmail and the arrival of a new interface called, we have a new task to learn the new things that brings. This will be a very significant change and we have to focus well to learn the new features of this email service.

The new mail has functions and many more essential features of outlook that then I will talk a little about them.

features outlook

Outlook Contacts: With this new option, we have at all our contacts on one page to organize our list and synchronize ourselves with the different social networks. In my opinion only serves to explore our contacts and organize well.

Outlook Calendar: This option is only to see the calendar, you may not be useful for some, it seems unnecessary to me, but I managed to notice a detail that go into it, you can mark dates for annotation, such as birthdays. Basically, I was thinking that date, the contact might have an issue, a meeting or whatever comes to mind. In my opinion, is as useful as you can see. So things are not there because. You can give very useful to Outlook calendar.

Outlook Skydrive: This function if I found something interesting. Skydrive is an option to back up some important files. It has 7 gb of fully free and can synchronize their PC with the PC application, so we can save all our important documents very easy. Not only can we save and organize our files on Skydrive, we can also share with the most famous social networks, like Facebook, twitter, google plus, etc.

Office Outlook Web: This option left me somewhat impressed. With Office Web from the cloud, we can view, edit, retouch, edit, any Word document directly in the cloud, without the need to work in the PC document. This option is very useful for working with Microsofot Word every day. Let’s say we go up a Word document on Skydrive and realize that you have a small flaw, few hiccups in their writing, with Office Web we are able to fix those problems without having to download the document on your computer, everything we do online without any problems. Really useful, I highly recommend it.

Social Networking Outlook: With this function we can connect our account with  the current social networks like Facebook, twitter, google plus etc. This option allows us to perform many tasks. Let’s say we share something in our Outlook profile and we also want to be seen in the wall of our Facebook, because with this function it is possible. For facebookers will love this new feature.

If you have not yet registered with Outlook Sign in, I recommend you visit this article. In each of them you will learn how to use the Outlook email service and will help you maximize the benefits it has for you great service.

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