Outlook sign in login

In this article will teach how to create a new account outlook.com. As we know, the hotmail name is no more, only in our hearts, and now the instant messaging service  is called Outlook and this is permanently. Previously we had the option to move to the old interface of Hotmail, but now can not do that.

Outlook.com is defined as the official domain email Microsoft. In short, Hotmail remained in history, now we adapt, study and explore the new interface we have, the much talked outlook.com interface.

outlook sign in login

If you do not have a new account at outlook.com suggest you follow these steps then I will provide, so you can enjoy the benefits of this new free email service.

First we open our browser google, either in Chrome, Firefox or Opera and type the official outlook.


Here what we will see is the home page of outlook where the login Outlook box and below this the option that will help us to sign in outlook. We are located where it says “Register Now” and we click.

Fill the form where we have to enter all your personal data or personal.

The first thing is we have to enter our name, then our date of birth, gender, name ourselves, Outlook Mail, for example, johnsmith@outlook.com, our password, location, captcha and done.

When you complete the form we click on “accept” and take us to the page where you have to follow few simple steps to set up our own. And this is all colleagues, so we have our outlook.com new account.

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In outlook login easily and I promise you will not regret having created a new account. From now enjoy the benefits of this great new e-mail service called outlook that has come to stay with everything.

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