How to recover outlook account with the phone

What happen if for some reason we lose our password? Many people are asking this question every day when you are logging to your Outlook account. The truth is that there are several methods to retrieve our account in case of any theft or any hacker password, but not everyone knows these methods, perhaps for lack of time or some other reason have not been able to find these items.

In this new article will teach you step by step how to recover and restoring our Outlook account password using our cell number. I’ll try to make the very explanatory tutorial, very detailed so as not to complicate life and hope you like the article. Let there.

First we will and we click on “Can not access your account?”.

outlook recover account with code

It will open another page where we have to enter our mail, the picture to verify that we are not a robot (catpcha) and then to click “Next“.

Then, it will open a new page where we have to choose between two options.

The first is: send me a email of link reset. With this method we restore our account using alternate email. This alternative email as we get it, as simple, when we sign in outlook, we provide alternative and outlook email to occupy this send us a link so we can reset our password. It’s quite easy really.

The second option is: send a code to my phone. This is the method that we will use in this tutorial. With this method handles Outlook send to our phone, we’ll have a code to enter the password reset page in Outlook.

As I said before, for this tutorial we will use the second method “send a code to my phone“.

As you can see in the picture above, Outlook no longer shows our phone number we enter when we checked. Now what remains for us is to choose if we want a text message or a call. For this tutorial we will opt for the text message, because it is easier. Then we give submit code and wait until we get the code to our cellphone.

recover outlook account

When we receive the code, we follow the steps. And that was it. It really is very simple, not difficult. With this method we reset our password and if it has been stolen, get it back.

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