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Many people wonder how or what to do to recover outlook account in case of any hacking or stolen password. The truth is that it is very easy to recover an outlook account stolen, but not all users know how. In this new article will teach you how.

Logically, if we know that in outlook login is easy, then you should take precautions when you can access a case of theft. Outlook, for being so easy and convenient, sometimes leaves a big headache that once we find it difficult to bear. We know it is easy to access and because many times we left the option “keep me signed in” and this is where the problem starts. I explain why.

outlook account recovery

Every time we mark the option “remember password at login outlook“, we tell Outlook that the next time you want to log in, using the same browser, same pc, do not ask us to enter our password. This is convenient for us when we are in our pc and do not want to be entering your password each time you want to log. But what if we started in this form, in a public computer or a friend? Obviously everything here is complicated because we were vulnerable, exposed to third parties entering our own and as you can imagine the pain that would cause us.

It happens many times and for that Outlook provides some security methods with which we can change our password and regain our own. Let’s see how.

First we go to the official website of Outlook, Being in this page we click where it says “Can not access your account?”.

We are loading a new page where we will enter our email, then fill the captcha and we click Next.

Now it will open another page where we have to choose one of two options we will have. The options are:

  • Email me a link reset.
  • Security Question.

If you choose the first option, you must have an alternative email linked to the account that you intend to recover. This outlook email asks when we are recording and that is where you send a link so you can reset your password and then recover the account.

If you choose the second option, you have to remember the security question that Outlook provides each user for security.

And ready, then we just have to follow some simple steps and we will have regained our account.

If you dont have a computer and want to recover your account from a cell phone, you can receive codes into your phone and restore your account here, find out more in this article. The cell phone has to be necessarily you entered when you sign in outlook. If you want to create you a new outlook account, I invite you to look here on how to make this possible.

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